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About Patio Comfort:

Patio Comfort is a part of AEI, which has been in the outdoor comfort business since 1967. They utilize over 45 years of expertise to create high quality and affordable products. Other brands that are apart of AEI include Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech. Patio Comfort specializes in outdoor infrared patio heaters to extend the use of your deck, patio, or dining area well into the cold months of fall. They are designed to bring warmth, comfort and enjoyment to your outdoor living area. Infrared heaters heat people and solid objects instead of wasting energy by heating the air. This creates a clean and more efficient heating source. Patio Comfort heaters are designed to have better combustion at the burner head and are most resistant to breezes.

There are many benefits to purchasing a Patio Comfort infrared heater. They combine function and ease of use and can be easily moved with their included standard portable wheel kit. Patio Comfort heaters are lighter in weight than most heaters, and come 90% assembled. The installation is easy and the solid copper plated feed lines come in one piece and go directly into the head of the heater. Each heater is test fired at the factory for quality assurance and safety. Patio Comfort heaters are powder coated for superior durability and have stainless steel fasteners, burners, and machine screws.

All Patio Comfort Heaters utilize a socket assembly at the base to post for added support and stability at the post to base connection. They feature a unique heavy duty cast iron ballast weight to prevent accidental tipping or movement. Additionally they are equipped with a 100% safety control, easy on/off tank access, adjustable heat output, and utilize a standard five-gallon propane cylinder with an approved over-fill protection device(opd).

Patio Comfort has a Vintage Series Patio Heater collection that combines a classic and elegant design with modern functionality. The Vintage series combines all of the excellent benefits of a Patio Comfort heater while beautifully integrating old world hand crafted aluminum components. It even features a unique “French door style” hinged door to access the propane tank. The Vintage series heater is protected by an antique bronze polyurethane powder coating that is electrostatically applied. It will quickly become the centerpiece of your backyard with its beauty and elegance.

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