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Extend your summer with Infratech electric outdoor heaters. These infrared heaters use technology designed to heat objects, not the air, meaning you get direct heating. If you’re looking for contemporary, modern design, check out the Infratech Motif line.

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About Infratech Heaters

It's the middle of summer and you and your guests have just enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon at your barbeque celebrating a family birthday, the sun goes down and the temperature begins to drop like a stone. How sad that everyone will wander back indoors to get warm again.

However, now there's a solution; Infratech Heaters are a low profile outdoor heating solution that will fit with any décor, will keep you and your guests warm during those chilly evenings under the stars. You and your guests will notice virtually no sound emanating from your Infratech Heaters and the style and the sleek low profile design of these heaters is such that you'll hardly notice it being there.

Infratech Heaters come in a range of styles, so whether you are looking for a heater for residential or commercial application, they have got you covered.

Infratech Heaters are all about comfort and peace of mind; that's because our heating appliances are eco-friendly and it's always good to know you are being kind to the environment. Infratech Heaters are almost twice as efficient as gas-powered heaters, so you can enjoy cleaner and greener energy heating up your outdoor terraced area.

These environmentally friendly heating systems are made from recycled materials and function with no greenhouse gas emissions whatsoever. Infratech Heaters are also odorless and do not emit any UV light. The heaters use a form of infrared or radiant energy, which is the most practical method possible of warming up an area where heat can easily escape.

Infratech Heaters have been a pioneer and industry leader in infrared technology for over 50 years. Infrared heat efficiently heats people and solid objects instead of losing heat in the air. The heat is distributed evenly giving a warm glow wherever you are sitting on your balcony, terrace or verandah.

Choosing the right Infratech heater for your patio is easy; simply measure the mounting heights of the area you want to heat and choose the heater that will function and aesthetically please your outdoor area. When you are done, select the control option that works best for your budget and you are well on the way to heating your terrace with a splendid Infratech heater.

Check out our Infratech Slim Line, Single Element, and Dual Element product lines today at PatioProductsUSA, Your one stop shop for Infratech Heaters.