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Milano & Torino
Special Features:
  • Water resistant UL outdoor approved lighting
  • Powdered Coated Frame
  • Removable control unit designed for easy storage.
  • Umbrella Base with 4 built in rollers allows consumer to easily move the umbrella
  • Built in rotating device with foot pedal allowing a 360 degree rotation
About Milano & Torino

Both the Milano, and Torino models from Wanda Tech have been staples in the Cantilever umbrella world for years. Now, we are officially bringing these to your attention with great pricing and all the options. Do you want LED lights on the ribs? Perhaps a center light in the middle? You can have it on either Wanda Tech model! What about a model with a built in radio? With the Milano Sing2U version, you can relax on a perfect summer evening with your favorite tunes in the background. Only Patio Products USA brings you these top selling Cantilevers from Wanda Tech all in one place to make your decision easy. While we carry other Offset Umbrellas as well for your convenience, the Milano and Torino both offer an array of features that have proven to give the people what they want. So take a look and find out if these models from Wanda Tech are right for you!