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The Next Evolution Of Fire Has Arrived

An evolution to the traditional fire pit. Each of our units comes with a unique Sound-Reactive Fire experience. Stream music through the integrated sound system and watch as the fire takes on the energy of the music. With Multi-Sync, multiple units can be synced together creating an incredible experience never before seen in a residential setting. All of this and more controlled straight from your bluetooth phone, smart watch, laptop and more.

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Specially designed, hand crafted fire systems by Designers from around the country. These systems are more than just a fire pit, they are clear statements for those who desire the truely unique. Using the best materials availble paired with some incredible design, our Designers Series Systems stand out from the rest.

Paired with Music City Fire's Sound Reactive Fire Technology, Integrated Sound, LED Touch Panel display and more, these system take full advantage of our vision to create the best outdoor living experience ever.

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These incredibly cutting-edge systems feature our patented Sound-Reactive Fire technology; turning any firescape into a dynamic display of dancing flames and a versatile entertainment centerpiece. With four distinct operating modes that blend music and fire together, and an included app that works as a remote, any fire pit built with a Pro Series Kit will give your clients unparalleled control over fire, in turn enhancing the way they interact with their outdoor space. Couple this control with an auto-ignition and auto-flameout detection safety system, and you have unmatched convenience and smart performance never before seen in a home fire pit.

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Music City Fire Technology

  • Touch Panel Display - Water proof Touch Screen Display
  • Audio By Harman/Kardon - Fully Weatherproof and delivers rich, absorbing, exhilarating sound
  • Inputs/Outputs - Built in Aux In, Aux Out, USB port, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • LED Lighting - Multiple Colors and Modes controlled through app or conrol panel
  • Electronic Ignition System - Automatically ignites based on Mode Selection
  • 110v Plug In System - No need for hardwire
  • Propane or Natural Gas Both Available
  • 304 Stainless Steel - Built to last for years to come