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PatioProductsUSA carries a massive selection of patio umbrellas, sure to meet your shading needs. While a Patio Umbrella is aesthetically pleasing and compliments your outdoor area, many elements should be considered when purchasing a Patio Umbrella. The first question to ask, is whether you’re looking for a Residential or Commercial Patio Umbrella. Commercial Umbrellas are extremely durable and are ideal for extensive use by a business, restaurant or other commercial application. Meanwhile, a Residential Patio Umbrella is durable but carry an extensive list of features for the backyard of your home.

Next, what area do you want a Patio Umbrella to shade? From a small patio table or beach umbrella to a large poolside or dining area, PatioProductsUSA offers patio umbrellas of all sizes. (6-foot Patio Umbrellas, 7-8 foot Patio Umbrellas, 9-10 foot Patio Umbrellas, 11-12 foot Patio Umbrellas, and even 13 foot and larger patio Umbrellas. Once the Patio Umbrella size has been determined, what material do you want your Patio Umbrella to be made from? Depending on your usage and geographic area, you may decide on either a Wood Patio Umbrella, an Aluminum Patio Umbrella, or a Fiberglass Patio Umbrella. Each has their own quality characteristics and features, such as, crank lift, tilt, pulley lift, wind resistance and others. Will your Patio Umbrella be freestanding, in a table or an offset Patio Umbrella? Deciding on where in your patio area you'll place your Patio Umbrella, brings you to the fun and design specific phase . . . picking the fabric. With hundreds of fabric choices, were sure to have the Patio Umbrella fabric color to compliment your patio design. For the best Patio Umbrella fabrics, be sure to take a look at the Sunbrella Patio Umbrellas. One of the last things to consider, and usually one that is overlooked, is how will you keep your patio umbrella in place. Be sure to always use a patio umbrella base or stand to secure your Patio Umbrella from tilting over or blowing away in the wind.

We even have various themed Umbrellas including umbrellas with logos from the brewery industry including Miller Genuine Draft, George Killian’s, Molson Canadian, and Cinzano.

We thank you for visiting PatioProductsUSA and hope that we can earn your valuable business, while providing an unparalleled level of expertise and service for your next patio umbrella purchase. Check out our large selection of Patio Umbrellas today.