Solaira Heaters

Alpha Series

  • Commercial grade
  • IP55 wet rated for exposed environments
  • Short wave infrared technology
  • Powder coated aircraft aluminum body
  • High mounting heights

ICR Series

  • Low mounting clearance
  • High mounting heights
  • IP55 wet rated for exposed environments
  • Recessed (flush) mount applications
  • Short wave infrared technology

Candel Series Series

  • Visible light reduced by 50%
  • IP55 wet rated for exposed environments
  • Rugged epoxy powder coated extruded and cast aluminum, stainless steel components
  • Commercial & residential application

XL Series

  • IP55 wet rated for exposed enviroments
  • Scratch resistant epoxy powder coat finish
  • Aircraft aluminum fixture
  • Commercial & residential application

Cosy Series

  • IP55 wet rated for exposed environments
  • Available in black or white
  • Bracket allows vertical & horizontal adjustment
  • Engineered for lower clearance seating areas

Ziro Series

  • No visible light
  • Indoor or outdoor rated for covered┬áconditions
  • Powder coated aluminum body
  • Not recommended for breezy environments

Controls & Accessories

  • Dual voltage variable controls
  • Sensory controls
  • Timer controls
  • Recessed mounting kits

Why Solaira?

High performance, high efficiency radiant heat.
The principal of radiant heat is well-known and has been in use for some years. However, there are some important differences between long wave emitters such as the metal sheath and the medium wave emitter quartz lamps. Radiant efficiency of a Solaira Short Wave infrared heater is 88-90%, and that of a long wave heater can range from 40-50%.

Why Does This Matter?

  • Greater radiant efficiency - more radiant heat per consumed watt of power - less power required
  • Directional & virtually unaffected by wind
  • Instant on and no warm up time
  • High mounting heights

Selecting Your Solaira Heating System

Step 1: Define the Space

  • Measure the area to be heated
  • Measure the mounting heights

Step 2: Determine The Preferred Mounting Type

  • Wall Mount
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Ceiling Recessed
  • Permanent Pole Mount

Step 3: Calculate your Required Heat Density for the Space

  • Define your target heat rise (ie. 20 degrees F)
  • Measure the area being heated
  • Calculate the total heat density (in watts)
    Total Heat Outdoor = Total Square Footage x Target Heat Rise x 2
    Total Heat Indoor = Total Square Footage x Target Heat Rise x 2
    *For Mounting greater than 10', add 10-20% more heat density

Step 4: Determine Heater Distribution In Target Area With Calculated Heat Density While Considering

  • Even placement of heaters
  • Mounting height & clearance restrictions

Example: Total outdoor patio area of 10 x 20 is 200 Sq ft. Target heat rise is 30 degrees
Total Heat Density = 200sqft x 30 x 2 = 12,000 Watts or 60W per sqft
Consider 4 Solaira Alpha or ICR 3,000 Watt, 240V Heaters placed on opposite walls with even distribution

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